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A beautifully smooth organic blend of nuts, skimmed milk and hint of date syrup. A fabulously healthy way to add that extra protein and natural energy boost to your day. Ideal all times of day, especially post workout.

nut power-bars

Absolutely full of nutty, nutritious, organic goodness, with all four bars containing 50% nuts. Perfectly balanced for your daily shot of natural protein and energy, whilst on the go. Great both pre and post workout.

nutty muscle mixes

An organic collection of our favourite nuts and exotic fruits, that combine to offer you natural protein and energy any time, anywhere.

Each mix is thoughtfully combined to give the perfect protein to energy balance.

Superb pre and post workout.

power pots

Organic high protein yogurt, nuts and exotic fruits. 

A protein packed delight for the taste buds.

The perfect daily breakfast, lunchtime or evening treat. 

Ideal post workout.

power porridge

Organic, wholegrain oats, nuts and exotic fruits are combined to give your muscles added energy and strength for the rest of the day.

A wonder fuel, slow release energy and protein combination.

Excellent pre workout.

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